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A Day in the Life of an Evergreen & Oak Intern

May 2, 2023


Katie Vick on campus at UNC Chapel Hill
Evergreen & Oak intern, Katie Vick, on campus at UNC Chapel Hill.


As a PR intern for Evergreen and Oak, no two workdays are the same. My tasks vary based on our clients' current needs and the agency's upcoming deadlines. That being said, here is a general overview of what a workday looks like for me: 

8:00 am - I make a quick breakfast before taking my dog, Bella, on a walk. Then, I read my favorite morning briefings (NBC’s Morning Briefing, The New York Times’ The Morning, and The Triangle Business Journal’s Morning Edition).

As a young PR professional, it is important to be aware of what is going on, both globally and in your backyard. These briefings help me to get a better understanding of current events before I jump into client-specific news. 


Katie checking her work email
Work from home - but with a view!


9:00 am - Let’s get to work! First, I review the HARO and MuckRack emails in my inbox to see if any upcoming stories are a good fit for our clients. If so, I forward that information to Brook and Lacy for their thoughts. Then, I touch base with the team to see if there are any urgent projects that they would like my assistance on. 

9:15 am - I research media outlets and journalists relevant to a specific ad technology client or their industry. Based on these findings, I compile a press list of contacts to pitch for media coverage.

Before my internship, I did not realize the outside-the-box thinking required for PR research. When building a press list, I must creatively seek new angles for the story and think like a journalist. I often find myself asking, “How can I turn this data into a story worth telling that will benefit the public and create interest in my client?”

11:30 am - I sit in on a client meeting to discuss progress on current projects and provide any needed updates. 

12:00 pm - It is time to eat! I enjoy a nice lunch break outside while listening to my favorite music artist, Taylor Swift. 

12:45 pm - Next, I plan out the social media calendar for a client in the healthcare industry. This starts with researching the client’s brand and social media presence to maintain cohesive and purpose-focused messaging. Then, I draft a copy for social media posts over the next few months. 

Social media posts serve multiple purposes. It helps keep our clients fresh in the mind of their established audiences and foster new connections. Additionally, it helps us promote what the client is doing currently, whether it is speaking at a conference or publishing an industry-leading thinkpiece. 

1:30 pm - I attend our E&O team meeting to discuss this week’s projects and goals. 

As an intern, these meetings have provided me with great insight into PR agency life. These conversations help me to understand the why behind what we do and how my work plays into the company’s overall success. 

2:15 pm - I finish drafting the client’s social media posts. Then, I send my work to Cole for feedback on what I did well and how to strengthen the copy. 

3:15 pm - I draft an award submission for a client in the hospitality industry. I compile client metrics, employee highlights, and company successes to tell a story of who the client is and why that deserves recognition.

5:30 pm - It is time to wrap up for the day! I note any tasks that need to be continued tomorrow. Then, I update Brook and Lacy on progress made throughout the day before logging off.

While each day at Evergreen and Oak is different, the feeling I am left with at the end of each is not. I am consistently energized by my work and left feeling that I learned something new that day. This rewarding internship experience has enabled me to learn about the industry, grow my skills, and thrive professionally.