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Advertising Week 2022: Maximizing Your Brand Reach

October 12, 2022

There are plenty of things to consider when planning your company’s approach to Advertising Week. Apart from the panels and networking events you’d like to attend, it is important to consider when and where you’d like to promote your brand. 

Should you consider sponsorship? Do you have a new product to share or an announcement to make? Want to meet reporters on-site? How can you determine the best path forward, to ensure that your news will be noticed? 

This article will break down some of the best ways to promote your brand during Advertising Week, along with strategies to ensure that you can cut through the noise. 


Let’s be honest, sponsorship at Advertising Week itself is expensive. 

Getting your name in a prominent place where event attendees will notice can be tricky, as well as costly; it can be very tricky to drive the needed ROI. An exception to this rule may be if the specific sponsorship opportunity includes the chance to sit on a panel with significant ties to your brand purpose. 

Otherwise, unless you have a significant budget, sponsoring directly at Advertising Week may not be the best fit for your marketing goals. However, there are several other cost-effective ways to promote your brand and build your reputation. 

Hosting Your Own Event 

Advertising Week is a hectic clash of the entire industry — and given its three-day long duration, it makes sense that many may find themselves needing a break from the chaos. This is where marketers have a golden opportunity to host their own events. By creating a separate space away from the convention, you can ensure that your brand is directly in the spotlight. 

Hosting your own event also gives you and your team the opportunity to do something more unique. Consider offering a cocktail hour or utilize an outdoor venue for attendees to cool down from the high-intensity of the convention. While these options can get pricey, you may have the option to co-host the event with a partner. This strategy can save your budget (and your workload!). Hosting your own event for Advertising Week certainly takes significant planning and resources, but when done well, you and your team can reap the rewards of an entirely personalized networking event to show off your brand and its capabilities. 


Simply coming to Advertising Week as an attendee still provides your business with significant opportunities and insights. With a bit of deliberate planning, dependent on your brand’s needs, you can be sure to create a successful schedule. 

First, examine who all is expected to attend. Because this is the first in-person Advertising Week following the COVID-19 pandemic, it stands to reason that attendance may be lighter than in previous years, particularly given the new venue for the event. 

Next, you’ll want to create the best team. In these circumstances, a smaller team may work best. So long as your team can capitalize on opportunities like networking events and scheduling face time with reporters, you can be sure to leave Advertising Week with solid connections and fresh information, to move your company forward. 

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