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Beating the Summertime Slump: How to Take Advantage of a Slower News Cycle

July 6, 2022

Ahhh it’s the fantastic time of year again… and yes, I mean summer. There seems to be a change in people’s mood- the sun is out longer, some have extra time off work, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and many vacation destinations that people have long been yearning to explore.

However, for those in corporate America, they are still up and at em’, click-clacking away as Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” plays softly in the background. 

Okay, it might not be that dramatic, but for many companies the summertime can be extremely quiet, with work weeks that seem to drag on. Oftentimes, companies use summertime to begin their H2 planning cycle. With the holidays being the biggest time of year for most, companies are planning for what they are going to accomplish in the fall. With workers out-of-office and out enjoying their well saved up PTO, approvals take longer and business developments get pushed back, making for a slower company news cycle.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Companies still have an opportunity to engage audiences and raise their share of voice at a time when other companies have gone quiet. After all, reporters still have a job to do and readers are still looking for exciting news to dive into. A little bit of thought leadership and digging through past work archives, companies can insert themselves in that sweet summer news cycle.

Dust Off What You Already Have

It is common for companies to have blog posts or some form of content that they publish on their company site to attract potential customers or the media. In some cases, this content is never seen by anyone outside of the company or those that may stumble across it while browsing the company website. 

Take another glance at content your company may already have with a fresh set of eyes. For example, say your company has a blog. Have the blog posts that are already published been shared on social media? If not, share it on your company’s social media platforms. Add some fresh copy attached to the blog and post away. This can be a great way to attract new visitors to your social media pages and grasp the attention of potential customers.

If the material has been shared previously on social media, then see if the content themes could be reworked into a guest article depending on the subject matter. Explore the topic from a vertical perspective. Watch your industry’s news cycle and see if your ideas can be inserted into the conversation.

Insert Yourself Into What’s Happening in the World Around You

Keep up with what’s happening within your industry and the world around you. Numerous trade publications publish daily newsletters that are sent directly to your email. For us in the adtech space, AdExchanger and Street Fight are just a couple we read daily. These newsletters are filled with quick bite information on what’s trending or “breaking news” within industries. Not only is it insightful, but you can keep tabs on your competition and potentially garner some fresh ideas on happenings you can weigh in on to earn media attention.

Throughout the summer, reporters are taking this downtime to re-evaluate what’s missing from coverage, what is overhyped or what the industry wants to hear more about. In some instances, reporters may post to social media platforms, like Twitter, and explicitly ask what readers want to see to help better understand what stories they should cover in the next few months. Keep an eye on what ideas may be most receptive to reporters.  

Use the downtime to nurture relationships with reporters and analysts. If you have consistently worked with individual reporters or analysts in the past on company news coverage, use this downtime to check in and see if there is anything they are working on where your insight could be helpful to give them a quick update on what your company has been up to. Maybe your company has experienced shifts in core values or have made updates to your products or services, or possibly your company is going to go through a round of hiring. These are all great openings to start up a conversation with these contacts. You can leverage summer travel plans for this as well. With COVID backing off a bit, take this downtime as a chance to meet-up for coffee and get to know a new reporter or analyst. 

Plan Early for Long Lasting News 

If your company has upcoming plans for a company announcement, such as a new product, data report or strategic partnership, plan ahead for the announcement. Depending on the industry your company is in, this time could serve as a chance to gain some insights as to what’s happening in your market. Create a data report or work on a client case study that can give audiences better insight into what your company has to offer. This opens up the door for potential clients or reporters to reach out and find out more. 

Planning ahead and publishing these announcements in the summer can make the news go further. With a calmer news cycle in the summer, your company news will have longer legs and have the potential to make it to the top of the news cycle. 

As everyone embarks on their summer adventures, your company has the opportunity to plan ahead and insert themselves into the summertime news cycle. With a bit of planning, solid media relationships and some insightful content, your company may just be the top news story of the summer.