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E&O Celebrates Media Tradecraft!

October 13, 2022

Evergreen & Oak is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with our client Media Tradecraft! We are extremely honored to share details on their superior service, growing team and achievements throughout the year. Media Tradecraft CEO and founder Erik Requidan’s work is defined by innovation when it comes to the next generation of digital media. 

Only 6% of businesses in the United States are minority-founded, and only around 19%  of CEOs are Latinx. As a part of the Latinx community, Erik Requidan understands the living reality of these statistics, and has utilized his position to drive opportunities for minority communities, and cultivate a diverse and talented team at Media Tradecraft. 

Erik recognizes that individual viewpoints must be emphasized. In the same way that Media Tradecraft creates customizable strategies for each of its clients, Erik makes a point to foster open and collaborative communication throughout his team. Team members come from backgrounds both inside and out of the advertising industry, and their unique perspectives have allowed them to offer fresh ideas to clients across their verticals. 

This individualistic approach has seen results— Media Tradecraft holds an impressive client retention rate of 100% and a growing list of world-class companies. Going above and beyond for their clients has also gained them recognition as Digiday Media Award Ad Operations Team of the Year, an AdExchanger Awards finalist for Best Programmatic Consulting Or Advisory Firm, and on The Wires shortlist for Best Ad Ops Team and Best Client Services Team

With 71% of the Media Tradecraft team identifying as non-white people of color and 43% of employees having English as their second language, Erik’s ongoing commitment to diversity is evident. He is also creator and co-founder of The Minority Report, a podcast featuring leaders in business, media and tech who are people of color, women, and part of the LGBTQ+ community. With 148 episodes and counting, the podcast highlights its guests’ past and present experiences touching on topics like racial bias, the income gap, disabilities, imposter syndrome, and more. Erik was recognized as Adweek’s 2021 Diversity Advocate of the Year for the podcast. 

As a part of the Hispanic community, Erik understands the unique workplace obstacles facing these communities, today. He and Justin are dedicated to proactively seeking new talent and giving a greater pool of individuals the opportunity to break into the field. This ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has only benefited their business, and many clients attribute it to their success. As Erik shared with AdMonsters this year, “The reality is that diverse teams do better and our clients are benefiting as a result.” 

To Erik, Justin and the Media Tradecraft team: congratulations on all you’ve accomplished this far! We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Media Tradecraft.