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Evergreen & Oak’s 2022 in Review

December 15, 2022

As we wrap a final bow around 2022, the Evergreen & Oak team wanted to look back at the impact we’ve driven this year. 

We announced our partnership with Ecologi— where we have so far contributed to the planting of 160 trees, and supported 9 climate-friendly projects around the world. We look forward to continuing to grow our impact in the future, and do our part to contribute in order to sustain our environment for ourselves, and future generations. 

We have crafted and told many stories on behalf of our clients like Givsly CEO Chad Hickey, who spoke with Fast Company’s Elizabeth Segran about the cheap, disposable nature of company swag— and how brands can promote their message without the waste. This story struck a chord in the industry, and has since been liked thousands of times, (and even taken to counterpoint) proving that creative and compelling stories are the key to meaningful awareness. 

Some other compelling narratives from our work this year include: 

  • Data industry veteran Kevin Dean sat down with MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan to discuss his hiring as Chief Strategy Officer at AnalyticsIQ and the future of data-driven marketing, particularly how economic slowdowns are impacting both brands and consumers.
  • Upflowy CEO Guillaume Ang spoke with TechCrunch’s Kate Park about the $4 million dollars raised for its no code solutions, intending to optimize the web experience for consumers. 
  • Co-founder and CRO of SourceKnowledge, Hector Pantazopolous introduced the company’s expanding influencer channel to E-Commerce Times’ Jack Germain, breaking down the influencer economy and the impact of specialized influencers. 
  • Chief commercial officer at OneStep, Patrick Tarnowski, discussed the app’s innovative  fall risk analysis capabilities with FierceHealthcare’s Heather Landi, and the importance of gait analysis parameters, in order to be proactive with an injury, rather than reactive. 
  • General Manager of Politics for Semcasting, Matthew Hedberg, spoke with Campaign & Elections about the solution’s “Daily Voter Segments”, formed in partnership with L2 and Xandr. This program allows for campaign teams and groups daily updates on the latest data regarding voter registrations. 
  • Director of Digital Business Development and Emerging Media at MNI Targeted Media, Brooke Willcox, exclusively broke the news about Optics, MNI’s reporting dashboard solution that brings together data across media types for its clients to MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan. 

We’ve also secured our clients as contributors in major publications, leading the discussion around trending topics in their respective industries: 

  • CEO and Co-Founder of Vibrant Media, Doug Stevenson, contributed his thoughts to Adweek on the limitations of Google Topics, and the necessity of supplemental signals for the solution to succeed. 
  • Good-Loop’s CEO Amy Williams was listed as the “star to know” when her company placed on Business Insider’s Hottest AdTech Companies of 2022
  • CEO of Media Tradecraft Erik Requidan shared his reflections on humans as the differentiating factor in today’s tech companies, in his contribution to VentureBeat. 
  • Vice President at UMS, Joey Mitchell’s observations on asset management in the utilities industry reminded readers of WaterWorld that they can only manage what they can measure. 
  • Jim Johnson, Vice President of Account Planning at, wrote on the future of the automotive ecommerce industry, and how it may relate to the current state of the digital retail industry— namely, with an end-to-end eCommerce approach. 
  • Eugene Varricchio, CEO of franki contributed his thoughts on how video-marketing has become a game-changer for independent restaurants, able to capture a restaurant’s atmosphere in real-time, and bringing in customers through word-of-mouth. 

We are proud to represent our clients, and show off the positive impact they are making! We look forward to continuing to represent their good work in 2023.