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From Insights to Impact: How to Amplify Your Thought Leadership Content

May 18, 2023

In today’s market, thought leadership has become an essential piece to any successful marketing strategy. Showcasing a brand or individual’s industry expertise, these articles serve to spark conversation, generate buzz, and ultimately, drive business results. However, they must be effectively distributed in order to achieve maximum reach and impact. Here are some key tips for maximizing the reach of your thought leadership pieces: 

Tip #1: Add Your Latest Article to Your Email Signature

Adding a link to your latest thought leadership piece in your email signature can be a great way to promote your work and increase its visibility. It makes it easier for people to find and read your work, increasing the article’s exposure and potential readership. Additionally, it demonstrates your expertise in the field and showcases your most recent work. 

Tip #2: Create a Thought Leadership Tab on Your Website

Through this tab, website visitors will be more easily connected to your thought leadership pieces, increasing the potential number of readers. It also establishes the company’s credibility as trusted experts in the field through the well-researched and insightful content. Potential customers who are interested in these unique insights will gain a better understanding of your brand’s identity and what differentiates you from your competitors. Consider creating an email list, where people can be notified when new thought leadership articles are posted. When potential new clients sign up for the email list, you gain an interested and informed marketing lead that can be converted into a new client sale. Additionally, existing customers on this email list will be receiving a valuable resource and develop a stronger connection with your company. 

Tip #3: Routinely Share Thought Leadership Pieces Internally

By doing this, you can build a culture of innovation and increase alignment within your organization. These articles can inspire employees to think differently and generate new ideas. Also, it ensures everyone is up-to-date and unified in their external messaging. 

Bonus: Encourage employees to share articles on their personal feeds, which generally get more engagement and reach than company profiles do. 

Tip #4: Apply Articles to Employee Training

Sharing company leaders’ thought leadership articles can help new employees learn about the company, sharpen necessary job skills, and build a stronger connection with leadership. This is a way to boost your training with little time or financial investment.  

Tip #5: Share Articles with Prospects Directly as Conversation Starter

The article that is most relevant to the business prospect’s scope or interests will help them to get a better understanding of how your company works and why they should get involved. This foundational, and pre-existing, information can spark questions and lead to more productive discussions with potential clients. 

Tip #6: Incorporate Further Articles into Sales Pitches with Prospects

Continue to incorporate relevant thought leadership articles into your pitches to potential clients. It increases your credibility by showing your diverse expertise and how your work with other clients well equips you to meet their needs. 

Tip #7: Generate Social Media Video Content Based on Your Article

Video content gets more views and engagement than photos or articles usually do on social media. Consider posting a brief video discussing key takeaways of the article or why you chose to write about it. Viewers who are less inclined to read your article can engage with the content in a format that is more appealing to them. Additionally, this might inspire them to read the full article to learn more about the topic. 

Tip #8: Create quote graphics to share on social media 1-2 weeks after posting article

Break down the content into smaller, more digestible social media graphics that you can share over a series of posts. Make sure to link the full-length article to each post so that readers can learn more if they are interested. This encourages viewers to read the article weeks after it has been shared. 

It’s never been more important to showcase your company’s expertise. To get started, consider which strategies will be most effective for your next thought leadership article. Whichever approaches you choose, make sure to track your results and adjust accordingly based on what works best. With persistence and dedication, you can expand your reach and establish yourself as a respected thought leader in your industry.