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Meet the Newest Addition to the Evergreen & Oak Team

February 6, 2023

Evergreen & Oak is thrilled to welcome our newest intern- Katie Vick!

We are excited to have her join our team! Katie is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in Journalism (Advertising/PR Concentration) and Communications (Organizational and Interpersonal Communications Concentration). Katie has already hit the ground running, working hand-in-hand with our team to create client-ready deliverables. Katie is an impressive individual and we can’t wait to see the impact that she will make at Evergreen & Oak. Get to know a little bit more about our latest rockstar intern:

Welcome, Katie! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina. I am happiest when I am traveling- whether it’s camping in the woods or visiting New York City. It’s on my bucket list to see all 50 states; so far, I’ve seen 13. Right now, I am looking forward to my trip to Atlanta this April to see Taylor Swift perform. In my free time, I like to read, cook, and spend time with those closest to me – including my pitbull mix pup named Bella.

We have a history of rockstar PR interns due to a shared passion and dedication to public relations. What drove your interest in PR?

What I love about PR is the combination of creative and strategic thinking it requires. I took a PR class on a whim during my freshman year and fell in love with it. I looked forward to class every day and learning about specific campaigns. It was so cool to learn how PR teams could redefine the narrative around a brand or product for good. I realized I could create positive change through a career in PR.

Many colleges and universities have communication or journalism programs, but not as many have a real PR focus. What do you think sets the University of North Carolina apart?

What sets UNC apart is its people. My professors at the Hussman School have invested in me; both as a young PR professional and as an individual. They took the time to get to know me and my goals. Then, they harnessed their wide array of connections to help me achieve those goals. I would not be where I am today without their support.

Who/what has inspired you during your university career?

During my university career, I have been inspired by my long-time partner, Hunter. He started his own business his sophomore year which has grown astronomically due to his hard work and desire to do what he loves. He pushed me to find a career that I loved. This ultimately led me to consider PR and this internship. In a more professional sense, I have been inspired by innovative campaigns, such as Patek Philippe’s generations campaign. My goal is to be a part of a campaign like this in the future.

What do you hope to learn in your time with Evergreen & Oak?

I hope to learn the ins and outs of agency life. I am excited to establish connections both with the Evergreen & Oak team and our clients. Also, I am excited to continue to grow my skills and learn more about PR.

On the fun side, what book/TV/movie character do you like best? Why?

Some of my favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Friends. One of my favorite characters is Cristina Yang. I love her confidence and willingness to speak her mind. 


Evergreen & Oak is looking for new rock stars to join our team! If you’re interested in being an intern, send your resume to!